HomeTCB#TCB - 8 Annoying Things Chandigarh Girls Always Do

#TCB – 8 Annoying Things Chandigarh Girls Always Do

HomeTCB#TCB - 8 Annoying Things Chandigarh Girls Always Do

#TCB – 8 Annoying Things Chandigarh Girls Always Do

Chandigarh Girls have a diversity. Some are pretty looking but they all have some or the other annoying habit which irritates others. These are some of the annoying things that girls do that you may come across.

FAKING ACCENTChandigarh Girls

Even if she is rustic but still rolls her tongue over to take out that exotic accent though she is speaking to autowalas or chaiwalas.

POSSESSIVEChandigarh Girls

Chandigarh girls are really possessive. They do not want their boyfriends to even talk to any other girl. They start thinking about their marriage and kids despite being a kid herself now.


Chandigarh Girls get impressed by long lavish cars. They do not want anything else just drove around in the car, eat and shop from guy’s money. Many of the girls are money minded, they are only after money. KUDI KEHNI BABY PEHLA JAGUAR LELO FER JINA MARZI PYAR LELO!!

FAKE BRAND CRAZEChandigarh Girls

She wants to look like a superhit heroine. But buying fake brand clothes from SHASTRI MARKET Sector 22 and flaunting away her fake brands AADIDAS instead of ADIDAS, PMUA instead of PUMA

AWW  Wala expression

Making that Aww expression for every situation.

Be it a cute puppy.Chandigarh Girls

Boyfriend caring for her girlfriend.Chandigarh Girls

Watching an emotional filmChandigarh Girls

There Aww expression is never ending. It continues for long.Chandigarh Girls

DIETING – The Zero Size FigureChandigarh Girls

Ever girl wants a zero size figure but none acts on it. They’ll have all sorts of junk like channa bhatura, pizza loaded with cheese in order to just show off that they are on dieting they’ll have a diet coke.

HIGH HEELS TE NACHE1432114789-tumblr_mvndx0czxx1s82pzao1_400

No matter what happens they’ll walk to party with the heel, even if they don’t know how to walk in them. Later they all are dropping down and saying my feet are paining. They fall in the public making a fool out of themselves.


Girls never want to lose in an argument. They will never shut, explaining even short things taking that argument to another level. Never let their boyfriends speak so that is why its said GIRLS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

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