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Kiran Kher unfurled the Highest National Flag of Tri-City at Japanese Garden in Chandigarh

Japanese Garden is a park located in Sector 31 of Chandigarh witnessed the Tricity’s highest National flag hosting. Kiran Kher Member of parliament from Chandigarh unfurled the National Flag at Garden in Sector 31 on Sunday. The National Flag was tied at 101 feet long pole, and according to its height, it is 65th highest flag in the country.

Japanese Garden
National Flag Hosting at Japanese Garden Sector 31 Chandigarh

Nagar Nigam approximately spent 20 lakhs to establish such flag hosting at Japanese Garden in the city. Kiran Kher after the flag hosting stipulated the tricolour of the flag, indicated the importance of all the colours in the flag. On this auspicious occasion in the Tricity, some major personalities were also present namely Asha Jaswal, Nagar Nigam Commissioner B Purusarth, and Air Force Officers.

Nagar Nigam Commissioner B Purusarth stated that on the Independence of the country the national flag on 22nd July 1947 was adopted in the formed Assembly meeting. The National Flag of our country reminds us of our Independence of our country.

Kiran Kher MP of union territory Chandigarh unrolled the highest National Flag at Japanese Garden in Tricity.

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