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High-Velocity Storm in Chandigarh create turbulence in the city, causing inconvenience to the residents

The High-Velocity Storm in Chandigarh shook everyone, at one point of time it was like difficult walk against the stream of wind. You actually had to put in efforts to walk against the stream, it was continuously holding you back.

High-Velocity Storm in Chandigarh

Effects of High-Velocity Storm in Chandigarh and surroundings


The dusty winds left the residents of many sectors without power for many hours. Windy storm though bought a sigh of relieving from the heat wave but in turn, they had experienced long power cuts. The task became very difficult at the centres as complaints fell like a whole lot.

High-Velocity Storm in Chandigarh

The power cuts were caused by the branches of trees that fell on electrical wires due to windy weather. The affected areas included Sector 23, 24, 25, 17,18, 19, 21, 22, 41, 44, 8, 7, 37, 38, 39 40, Burail and many villages.


The strong winds lashed yesterday disrupted the water and power supply troubling the residents. The power cut was from 7 am to around 3 pm. A water treatment plant in Phase VI got burned and the pumping of water could not take place.

High-Velocity Storm in Chandigarh


The same issue was witnessed here also over two hours of power cut yesterday due to a breakdown of the line. Experiencing the wind was still alright but the heavy rain damaged everything affecting the main grid.

High-Velocity Storm in Chandigarh

Showers in Chandigarh ultimately lowers the temperature in the city, the winds approximately brought down the temperature to 5 degrees. Tricity approximately recorded rainfall of around 5.3mm. The repair work immediately started after the storm and power were recovered too many parts of the city. The traffic lights in the city also conked out as of stormy weather leading to traffic disturbances but by evening the situation was controlled as the traffic lights started working. High-Velocity Storm in Chandigarh affected the almost everyone in residential areas, markets, industries, colleges, schools, hospitals everywhere.

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