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Different Types Of Crushes That We All Had Once In Our Life

We all have had a crush in our lives and many of us feel the same type of crushes. These type of feelings are short lived but these feeling are irresistible and because these strong feelings we want to stay with that person but sometimes we are unable to do that. Today we are going to tell you about the crushes we all had once in our life.

The childhood crush: 

Every person has childhood crushes and these could  be your teacher, could be your coach and Sometimes it could be you senior and you were unable to approach that person because you don’t have the courage or that person is already booked.

Hidden crush:

This type of crush you don’t talk much in your real life but you continuously follow them on facebook, twitter and want to make yourself updated with every event that is happening in your crush’s life.

The celeb crush:

Everyone has such type of crushes and we love to hang our favorite celebs posters in our room wall and then imagine that person in our own life.

The work crush:

Sometimes in office, you get a crush on someone who is very polite and always ready to help you without any bad intentions. Then you feel like crush on that person.

Crush on others girlfriend:

Sometimes you get a crush on someone who is already involved with someone else and you know that if you will go further, shit will go down.

Sportsman crush:

Sometimes in your school and in your college you would have felt something about any game player because he plays very well and that attracted you toward him.

Coffee boy crush:

Sometimes you get on crush on someone who daily makes a coffee for you in Coffee junction and knows that exactly what type of coffee you need.

Crush on friend’s sister:

You get attracted toward the elder sister of your friend and in this situation, you will never be able to share this with anyone because it could drag you in a difficult situation.

One minute crush:

Sometimes you see any person that passed by you in a street and then you go there for some days to see that person again because she was very hot and you want to meet her again.

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