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Chandigarh’s Man Made Sukhna Lake Likely To Go Dry By June 30

In summers people love to go to Sukhna lake and enjoy many things there. Needed depth of Sukhna lake is 10 feet but now it got shrunk to a mere 1.75 feet. According to the experts, water is evaporating at the rate of 8mm a day and they were also predicting if it does not rain, by June 30, it will get dry.

Reasons Of Its Out Of Depth

Nowadays water level there is less that is enough to restrict boating. In summers people go there to enjoy boating but now they cannot do this because of the water level there.

  • At 1,152 feet is the current water level from the sea but required level at 1,163 feet, the current level at 1,152.
  • At some places, a long thin strip of land has emerged and on sides of the Lake, the water level is just above one feet.
  • The man-made lake also has lost its water body area to silt and forest cover that has grown in this area.
  • Over the years, weeds and evaporation have emerged as the other two causes that have led to the present state of affairs.

Why the drastic drop in water level?

National Institute of Hydrology (NIH), Roorkee, did research on this man-made lake to know about the reasons of a water drop and gave some reasons for  a drop of water level there:

  • According to their reports major reason for the loss of water is evaporation.
  • Another reason they gave is poor rainfall that leads to a drop in the water level.
  • Sukhna lake is also losing its water holding capacity because of sand deposits.

Citco will face problems in generating revenues:

The water level is decreasing and because of this boating would be restricted there. The Chandigarh Industrial Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO) operates 135 paddle boats, five shikaras and one cruise boat that had a capacity, 20 people. It earns around Rs 4 lakh a week (Rs 50,000 on weekdays and Rs 70,000 on weekends. But if there would be no rain then Citco would unable to get this money.

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