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3 New Features will make Rock Garden More Attractive For visitors

Late Nek Chand’s creation is going to get more attractive with its new look because the administration has some new plans for making it more beautiful and visitor friendly. The rock garden is created in the year 1957 and from then it is the famous tourist place where people come to see the creation which has done totally with help of waste material. And on the death anniversary of the Nek Chand that is on 12 June, there will be the inauguration of the  Dolls Village and 3 new features will make rock garden more attractive for visitors.

What includes in the new plan:

As administration is going to enhance the attractiveness of the well-known rock garden to make it more beautiful and to attract more visitors. Things they have included in their plans are:

New waterfalls:

As the rock garden is world famous tourist place and there is a huge number of footfalls in the garden every day. People love to visit here and get delighted with the creation of Nek Chand who used old things to make this garden. People get attracted by the waterfalls and they love to spend their time there by clicking photos in different poses sometimes outside the water and sometimes inside water. So to make it more attractive UT administration is planning to include more waterfalls in it that will increase visitors and also enhance its beauty.

A Museum of Nek Chand:

Museum of Nek Chand is going to be included there and this section is going to construct in memory of him. It will include all the things that are related to Mr. Nek Chand like his bicycle that he used for collecting material to build the garden and also they will showcase his awards that he won in his lifetime.

Ragdoll village:

The new phase that is called the third phase of the garden will include the rag dolls village. Nek Chand makes dolls by using all the rag clothes that he collected from the tailors. Making this dolls village was his dream and that is going to complete now. Rock Garden’s up-gradation is going to done by Chandigarh Administration along with the Nek Chand’s son Anuj Saini.

This is the famous tourist place not only for locals but people from others countries visit here. To make it more beautiful and attracting more visitors its renovation and its maintenance is necessary.

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