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UT Administration Decided to Shut Down Sector 22-B Parking Area

The UT Administration has decided to close the Sector 22-B Parking Area to create a green belt near ISBT Sector 17 Chandigarh. Well, the Municipal Corporation seems to be unhappy with the Administration’s decision.

The Municipal Corporation has written to the administration explaining that the move to shut the Sector 22B Parking Area and converting it to a green belt is not viable. This decision may draw friction from people and traders.

Sector 22-B Parking Area
Sector 22-B Parking Area

According to the proposal, people who wish to visit this green belt will have park their vehicles across the road near ISBT and come strolling using table top crossing. The chief engineer of the urban body has recommended an underground multilevel parking to be considered there with an arranged region.

The approach to business focus at Sector 22 through single subway may be adequate to tackle the crowd of both parking lots. There is also an agitation that parking at a distant place may cause hatred from the traders and customers.

According to the surveys done there are approximately 395 cars and 786 two wheelers parked during the peak hours i.e. 12 pm to 2 pm and the number doubles in the evening. Whereas if considering the new approach the administration has planned only 150 cars and 100 two wheelers will be accommodated.

New Multi-Level Parking Lot at Sector 17
New Multi-Level Parking Lot at Sector 17

Sources said that there will be a meeting with the chief architect, traders and the MC on the issue now. There are more than 3,000 traders who have debilitated to shut shop if the Sector 22 parking lot is closed.

The Municipal Corporation had closed the two parking lots of Sector 17 — Empire Store and Sahib Singh, a year ago as they had to develop the plaza as well as the green space there.

While the traders are brawling that their businesses may get affected, protested and finally, the municipal corporation had to give in and open the parking lots.


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