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Types of Chandigarh -ians that make this city truly beautiful

We come across different characters every day. And each type brings smiles to our faces in one way or the other. If you have been in the city beautiful for a while, you must have met either one of these types of Chandigarh -ians that make this city truly beautiful!

The Kundi Mucchh Obessive

The Awkward Non-Drinker

Awkward Alcohol GIF

The Gol-Gappa Girl

Panipuri Puchka GIF - Panipuri Puchka Panibatasha GIFs

The Vehle College Grads

Irrfan Khan Aib GIF by bypriyashah

The Jugaadu Chefs

Cook With Monika Delicious GIF - CookWithMonika Delicious Yummy GIFs

The Theka Gyaani

Cage Dance GIF - Cage Dance Liquor GIFs

The Aloof Coffee Shop Crawlers

Working At A Cafe GIF - Eow Bored Cafe GIFs

The Street Food Enthusiast

Asian Food GIF

The ‘Pehle Chai-Sutta, Phir Kaam Duja’ Guy

Mood Chai Aur Sutta GIF - Mood ChaiAurSutta MunnaBhaiya GIFs

The ‘Let’s Go Sector 26’ Babe

Mainlailahoon Bollywood GIF - Mainlailahoon Bollywood DeepikaPadukone GIFs

The ‘Chalo Himachal ‘ Traveller

Hiking Camping GIF - Hiking Camping River GIFs

The Daaru-baaz

booze hounds GIF

The Workaholics

Working National Geographic GIF - Working NationalGeographic Typing GIFs

The Maggi Lovers

India Maggi Noodles GIF by bypriyashah

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