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#TCB: Strings n Woods LIVE- Soulful Sunday at Satva

You are with your friends. They ask you to accompany them to Satva for a nice evening. But you are a teetotaler. And you think what is the point?

But then the mind games begin. You are told there is a live band performing. So how do you say no?

This is my story from last Sunday night.

Band ‘Strings N Woods’ performed at Satva

Satva is perhaps one of the oldest night places to hang out in Sector-26, Chandigarh. On Sundays, a local band called Strings N Woods performs. Founded in February 2015, the band performs fairly regularly at various places in Chandigarh and around.

And what can I say? They do complete justice. The band performs a plethora of genres. From Hindi rock to Bollywood to Sufi. You name it and Strings N Woods has got it.

What is most enjoyable is how they link various songs together. Sample this- “Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si…..ye bhi koi baat hai.”

Their vocalist then says that “baat ye hai ki…” Änd they begin with “baat jo thi ankahi si”

Strings N Woods
Strings N Woods

It is amazing how they blend their music so well together. From telling a love story that ends in heartbreak by way of Bollywood tracks…the band offers so much to their listeners.

By the end of the evening, you notice that all the band members have untied their hair. Why??? Headbanging, of course! By this time, the crowd is on their feet. Dancing, laughing, enjoying…and you realize you can have so much fun in one evening even while being sober!

Check out the link to their Facebook Page below:


Photo Credits: Facebook

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