HomeTCBGo For Your Retail Therapy at These Famous Supermarkets Across Chandigarh!

Go For Your Retail Therapy at These Famous Supermarkets Across Chandigarh!

HomeTCBGo For Your Retail Therapy at These Famous Supermarkets Across Chandigarh!

Go For Your Retail Therapy at These Famous Supermarkets Across Chandigarh!

A supermarket is a large self service store where products are stored in huge quantity in aisles. There has been a tremendous growth in supermarkets in Chandigarh and nowadays one can easily find one in his/her neighborhood. 

Finding the nearest grocery shop in Chandigarh is an easy task. You will find over 100 supermarkets nearby, just Google it. So how does this blog post do any better in helping select the best supermarket in Chandigarh. For instance, if you want to buy hand wash and some essential groceries, you will go to a local kirana store. However, if you have a larger list, you may want to check out a well-stocked supermarket. Let’s start with listing the best supermarkets in Chandigarh that have set a benchmark in delivering the best of services.

Supermarkets in Chandigarh

We bring you a list of supermarkets and big grocery stores that have stocked up on all the essentials from food, household items and beauty products too. They have an incredible presence in engaging their existing customers and attract newer ones, keeping their business on top-notch level.

1. Big Bazar, Elante Mall, Chandigarh

First and foremost, almost everybody is familiar with this brand. Owned by the Future Group, Big Bazaar is the largest chain of super markets in India with one of the outlets in Elante Mall, Chandigarh. A place where you can get the quality products at the best of prices. At Big Bazar Chandigarh supermarket, you can shop every type of household products under one roof.

Big bazaar, elante, chandigarh, supermarkets in chandigarh

Moreover, it provides good deals and great offers of every category of products, especially for the occasion of national festivals. They have various home needs, electronics, food products, fashion, accessories, and clothing at a competitive price. In addition, Big Bazar offers great gift cards to surprise its customers. Plus, you can also enjoying eating at their small but clean food corner set up offering fresh food.

Further, due to the current Covid-19 circumstances, they are also taking social distancing very seriously as well as maintaining high hygiene levels. If you can’t venture out they are offering home delivery services but due to high demands, some delays are bound to occur.

  • Location: Elante Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh.
  • Contact Info: 0172-521 4455
  • Timings: Monday-Sunday (10:30 AM- 10:00 PM)
  • Get Directions: Click here

2. RLCR-7 Super Market, Chandigarh

If you’re looking for items like necessities, groceries, and household items from a variety of brands that you won’t find at your regular kirana store, RLCR-7 is a go-to for many. The Supermarket provides all product at very reasonable prices at one place. It is the right place to shopping for all the provisions, groceries, and households with various brands. The core competence of the supermarket lies in the variety and quality.

RLCR-7 Super Market, Supermarkets in Chandigarh

Their team has a well experienced and talented staff, who provides best-in-class quality products, excellent customer service, and store experience. What’s more? They also provide free shipping catering to all your needs at your comfort and convivence. As well, they afford spacious car parking service in the front & backside.

  • Location: SCO 7-A, Sector 7-C Chandigarh
  • Contact Info: 099888 88881
  • Timings: Monday-Sunday (9:30am-9:30pm)
  • Get Directions: Click here

3. Harri Hyper Store, Chandigarh

Furthermore, Harri Hyper Store in Chandigarh is a one-stop-supermarket. The store provides a stress-free shopping experience, cost-effective service, and complete happiness. Different counters catering to various food stuff, bakery and freshly pounded spices are interesting. Convenient place to shop for all household grocery and culinary stuff. Good news is that they are always stocked with all your essential groceries and fresh veggies. 

Harri Hyperstore, Chandigarh Sector 26

Beautiful, clean and well stocked store along with a small eating corner setup where you can eat freshly made food or cakes or a coffee and just relax. This store will be famous with all the people who have lived outside of India and crave a nice inviting grocery store to shop in the city.

  • Location: SCO 38,Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh
  • Contact Info: 0172 508 6444
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00am – 8:30pm , Monday (Closed)
  • Get Directions: Click here

4. Peshawari Supermarket, Chandigarh

Peshawari Supermarket is yet another one of bests supermarkets in Chandigarh. Their staffs are customer friendly. You can get quality daily essentials, grocery and staples, home and personal care products, fruit and vegetables, etc. from here. Customers can complete payment by cash or card.

Peshawari Super Market in the city Chandigarh

While we are well aware about the amazing services that this store offers, it also has an online store which makes it easier and convenient for people to shop. The good news is that Peshawari Supermarket is delivering all the essential items right to your doorstep. Just place your orders via their online store and they will make sure that your order is be delivered to you safely.

  • Location: SCF 33-34, Sector 19-D, Chandigarh
  • Contact Info: 0172-2725259, 2783129, 5005544
  • Timings: Monday-Saturday (10:00am-8:30pm) , Sunday Closed
  • Get Directions: Click here

5. Jagat Singh & Sons Agencies, Chandigarh

In City Beautiful, if you are searching for a fusion of gourmet food items, then Jagat Singh & Sons Agencies is a ideal place to shop. Specially foreign cuisines, continental, middle eastern and American produce. The adjacent shop deals in utensils for the same and both make for a welcome shopping experience in a city.

Jagat Singh & Sons Agencies, Chandigarh

Great store to find food stuff for all types of cooking that you generally don’t get in Chandigarh. They have everything you see on Tv cooking shows. All in all, a nice place, you will find everything at a single place and where staff is very extremely humble. Sounds perfect no?

  • Location: SCO 2449/50, Himalaya Marg, Sector 22C, Chandigarh, 160022
  • Contact Info: 0172 270 9900
  • Timings: Monday-Saturday (10:00am-8:00pm) , Sunday Closed
  • Get Directions: Click here

6. MG Super Market, Chandigarh

You will love this place for several reasons. A supermarket with premium things. One can get all the Indian and imported food items under one roof. They have good variety of non veg and veg ready to eat snacks. . Great food selection if you work in the area and want something healthy and fresh. Raw chicken, fish is also available with a very good quality.

M.G. Supermarket in Chandigarh

Not just for groceries! Mg super market has an excellent selection of raw chicken, and good quality fish is also available here. So, if you haven’t been here yet then plan your on the weekends and get everything from cooking materials to the fresh ready to heat n eat options. Best part? they have a wider selection for non vegetarian food than anywhere else in the vicinity. You will absolutely love their collection of cooking aids and groceries.

  • Location: SCF 4, Sector 9-D, Chandigarh
  • Contact Info: 0172 274 2003
  • Timings: Monday-Sunday (10:00am-9:00pm) , Sunday Closed
  • Get Directions: Click here

To summarize, for your catch-all weekly shop, the options curated above options will cater for almost all your needs. Conveniently, supermarkets in Chandigarh have been offering a standardized service to their enhancing the customer satisfaction. The article is written intending to provide you with the entire information. We would love to know your favorite places for grocery shopping in the city. Do let us know in the comment section!

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