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Sukhna Lake Bins Will Be Soon Replaced By Visually Pleasing Ones

Chandigarh Heritage Committee has some objections because MC did the installation of  “ugly” dustbins at Sukhna Lake without the approval of Committee. According to the Committee, there should we better-looking dustbins. The Chandigarh Heritage Committee has strictly said that no additions or alterations would be made without their approval.

Why There Is No To These Dustbins:

There are some reasons because of that Chandigarh Heritage Committee designated these dustbins as ugly and these reasons are as follows:

  • The dustbins are not only ugly but do not serve their purpose at all.
  • When the normal breeze blows the lid of the dustbins flies off and garbage comes out.
  • Monkeys have easy access to the garbage. They can easily open it and then throw it all around the path.
  • Another thing is that the dustbins have not been installed at areas that have been designated for trash cans by the design.

Visually Pleasing Dustbins Should Be There:

According to he Chandigarh Heritage Committee, these dustbins are not at all “visually pleasing”. They also said that they wrote a letter to the Municipal Corporation stating that the dustbins installed at the Sukhna Lake are not good for that place and also there are many drawbacks in them. They have asked the MC to change the ugly dustbins with its original design and location as soon as possible.

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