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Tricity’s Shopaholics, Check Out These 6 Upcoming Malls In Mohali For Shopping, Food, Movies & More

Tricity people, visiting Nexus Elante Mall must be a mundane thing for you and you must be wondering when will a new mall come into existence in the vicinity. We comprehend you entirely here! So, to your surprise, that dream of yours will be turning into reality in the near future. The size of Mohali is among its most notable features and it should be utilized well. You will have a wide variety of real estate options to choose from in the forthcoming years and thanks to the city’s roomy amenities and infrastructure as well as its excellent connection throughout the Tricity region. Here is a little glimpse of upcoming malls in Mohali that would make you happy to spend money on.

Upcoming Malls In & Around Mohali That Are Prepared To Spoil You With Luxury

Mohali has a lot to offer to everyone, from entertainment on weekends to trendy lifestyle and the cosmopolitan culture. Every week, you will spot something new in to chill, eat, drink, shop and explore. A whole lotta fun! And we’ve found the upcoming malls in Mohali that are coming in our hood and here to give you an exciting shopping experience. Here’s a sneak peek, let’s go!

These malls are lined up to become operational in Mohali between Mohali. They will include a churning of brands and categories in these upcoming malls in Mohali, Tricity to help keep up with changing customer demands and accommodate newer global businesses.

1. Jubilee Walk

First and foremost, sector 70 of Mohali is home to Jubilee Walk, one of the upcoming malls in Mohali, which is situated on the Himalayan Marg. It’s an outstanding project, this one is well connected to several transportation options as well as numerous other Mohali civic amenities. Commercial Development in the Mohali Area You Would Be Happy To Pay Money For.

Jubilee Walk mall in Mohali

The residential areas of sectors 70, 69, 77, and 78 are also conveniently close to it. The distance to the interstate bus station is only 2.7 kilometres. Jubilee Walk is only 12.2 kilometres from Chandigarh Airport, which can be travelled in within 20 minutes.

According to RERA, possession of the project will start in December 2023 while it is still being built. A number of the most well-known educational facilities, including the British School, Shemrock School, Doon International School, Paragon Senior Secondary School, and many others, are closely related to the Jubilee Walk project.

Additionally, a number of high-density residential communities, including Homeland Heights, Rishi Apartments, Ivory Towers, Mayfair Apartments, and others, are located close to this project.

2. CP 67, Homeland Heights

Its high-end retail and business spaces, as well as the numerous amenities that go along with them, make CP 67 a very successful commercial project in Mohali. Its proximity to Mohali’s international airport road and potential to grow into one of the largest and most well-known information technology hubs in Northern India make this company concept distinctive.

CP 67, Homeland Heights Mohali

There are pillarless banquets in this area that can easily accommodate more than 1000 people at a given point of time with entertainment venues such as PVR multiplex and many branded stores as well which are expected to make this spot the biggest rival to undertakings such as Elante, VR Punjab, and the Bestech Square.

The location of this project is again very strategic in nature (Mohali Airport Road) and connects to other primary cities such as Delhi, Ludhiana, Patiala, and also the Manali highway.

CP 67 is a rewarding and one of the most ambitious projects of the Homeland Heights group and promises to provide the most lavish and well-equipped office spaces for both established enterprises and upcoming startups.

Leading architects from all across the country have given this futuristic corporate hub a tangible face and it promises not just seamless connectivity across major settlements of the state but also huge potential for growth and expansion for every business that wishes to set up their offices in this location.

3. World Trade Centre Chandigarh

The World Trade Centre, Chandigarh is a much-anticipated business undertaking in Mohali. It covers an area of 8 acres and has high-end luxury office spaces, serviced apartments, studios, full-serviced apartments, retail stores, showrooms, and more.

The World Trade Centre that is going to come up in the Mohali region of Punjab will be very close to the international airport. It will be a multi-storey building and the entire structure will be very unique in design and facilities.

World Trade centre Chandigarh

It will be highly beneficial for businesses and shop owners from various economic strata. The office spaces are a minimum of 500 sq ft and the expected rate of return from investing in this opportunity stands around 10 to 11%.

The three cities combined, that is, Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula collectively house around 2 million people and counting. All these cities are immaculately planned and without a doubt present a very lucrative location for the World Trade Centre.

Its Main Benefits Involve:

  1. Connecting more than 1 million businesses
  2. Has a significant impact on the economy, enterprises, investors, and a number of
  3. Has major and small regional investment organisations.
  4. Makes it simple for investors to find company funding
  5. Ideal setting for global trade events and exhibitions

4. HLP Galeria, Mohali

A high-quality real estate project with the best prices has been developed by the HLP company. This project has the potential to alter how we see commercial real estate. It strives to provide businesses and investors with some incredibly upscale and top-notch commercial real estate facilities.

HLP Galleria, Mohali

Central Mohali is where it is situated, across sector 62. The HLP Galleria is an excellent illustration of contemporary town design that welcomes vegetation in vast pockets across its whole plan. It features spacious places for parking and recreational activities as well as air-conditioned apartments.

This project includes considerable room for offices and food courts, making it one of the most lucrative investment options for people of all income levels.

5. Downtown Mohali

The cutting-edge interiors of Downtown Commercial Project by ICON GROUP MOHALI Phase 7 & 8 Traffic Lights, Sector 62 will surprise you at first sight. They are created with pure elegance and are designed to entice. The only thing that sticks with you and gives you a sense of awe is the absolute luxury.

Downtown Mohali

Investment in Commercial Property Showroom, Bay Shops, Retail/Office Spaces, Food Court, etc. in Prime Location in Mohali. The development, which is well-located in Icon Group Phases 7 and 8, was created with consideration for the unique requirements of numerous industries. Restaurants benefit from picturesque vistas and double-height patios where stores get frontage for unhindered visibility. The development makes sure workplace areas receive the crucial seclusion and solitude in order to improve productivity.

6. Sushma Pristine

One of the most efficiently run commercial properties on the airport road is this project’s claim to fame. It covers 7 acres of land and has excellent access to the busiest areas of Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali.

Sushma Pristine mall in Mohali

One of the most well-liked investment options in the Tricity region is due to its excellent access to the Zirakpur road.

The largest 2-level basement parking facility of any planned projects is found at Sushma Pristine. It is surrounded by a dense population and regulates ventilation and temperature using a very intricate and useful combination of glass and concrete. Knight Frank is overseeing the entire endeavour.

Wrapping It Up

Together, all of these commercial developments in Mohali link this city to Panchkula, Chandigarh, and Zirakpur. Overall, each of these commercial construction projects in Mohali links this city to Panchkula, Chandigarh, and Zirakpur. Each of these projects boasts of a vast network of roads and an expanding number of facilities, which are not to be taken lightly.

If you choose to put money into one of these lucrative and exciting initiatives, it will make you more money than it is worth.

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