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Transformation of Healthcare in Chandigarh: A Decade of progress and development

The “City Beautiful” has been evolving since its making. Talking about different sectors healthcare in Chandigarh and job sectors are one of the fastest growing sectors. Chandigarh Administration has been continuously working towards them. Through decades healthcare facilities have drastically changed. The death rate has evolved and medical facility boosted.

Sneak Peak Into The Changing Healthcare in Chandigarh

Covid has badly affected the lives of human beings since its major strike. Due to this people have been considering their health seriously. Timely precautions and medicines are made into use. Since then the government has made heavy investments in Healthcare sectors to fight any sought of diseases.

healthcare in UT

Every state has been working for emergency wards for upcoming problems like these. Coming to Union territory Chandigarh, the administration has been working strictly for people’s upliftment. 

Here are a few things that have been added to healthcare in chandigarh:

  • Increase in the number of OPDs since covid, rise in facilities after covid. Waiting times for surgical operations have changed and organ transplantation has also been done on regular basis to boost healthcare in chandigarh.
  • Now patient reports can be forwarded through SMS without standing in long queues. You just need to register your mobile number and you’re ready to go. These reports can be easily downloaded without any hassle.
  • Newly installed labs for testing blood sample reports. As patients are increasing and the shortage of instruments are creating chaos. The government invested in these labs to facilitate services. The blood sample reports will be created shortly.
  • Digital payments are made available for patients. If you’re running out of cash then this can be a perfect solution. Google pay and Paytm are two methods that are made available for people.
  • OPD MRI waiting list has also been boosted for people service. Now people can access their MRI report in less than 2 days.
  • For children, various services have been installed by institutes. Rooms have been created for children accordingly so that they feel comfortable and adapt to that environment when preparing for operations. 
  • Now people don’t have to wait in long queues. Special tokens have been issued to patients and people with tokens will be served first. Various vending machines have been installed for token generation.
  • The website has been made active for healthcare services so that patients can avail of services. Are any updates related to healthcare can be accessed through these websites. This thing has acted as a major support for healthcare in chandigarh.
  • OPD cards have been made. To use these services a person has to register for the services and download Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) app.
healthcare in chandigarh
  • Teleconsultation services through calls. This is the new service that has been adopted by the healthcare department. Various doctors have been appointed to online consultations for patients.
  • Timings have changed for OPDs so that patients can avail of the facility for longer.  Saturday’s timing is also extended so that patients can find services accessible.
  • New courses and posts have been kept vacant for students practicing medical studies. Good facility to be taken by authority for people.

Wrapping Thoughts 

As a result Healthcare in chandigarh is boosting all other sectors. The healthcare department is opening new job opportunities for people. Chandigarh administration is working towards innovative ideas and the development of the city for a better future.

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