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Springtime in Chandigarh: Discover These Five Fascinating Places to Awaken Your Senses

Are you excited about spring and scrolling for places online to enjoy the season? Well! We can help you with that. Let’s ask our readers what is the first thing that pops into their mind when we talk about spring in Chandigarh?

spring in city Chandigarh

Generally, Spring reminds us of the new beginning and is a sign of progress. This season is filled with beautiful flowers and their mesmerizing fragrances. Moreover, this season also brings new lifestyle changes to our lives. The warmth and sunshine lift our mood and brings a sense of joy and optimism.

Today, we will be sharing some places that you should definitely visit during spring in Chandigarh.

5 Places to Visit During Spring in Chandigarh to Embrace the Season

There always have been places that are special to everyone’s heart. And every place reminds us of special seasons and moments that we die to live again. 

Here we have listed the top 5 places for spring in Chandigarh.

1. Garden of Springs, Chandigarh

If you’re looking for a beautiful and serene garden to visit, the Garden of Springs should definitely be on your list. This garden is a carefully curated garden that showcases the beauty of nature. In the spring and summer, the garden is bursting with color as the flowers bloom and the trees come to life. 

Garden of Springs

In addition, to the natural beauty of the garden, there are also a number of amenities available for visitors. 

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2. Leisure Valley, Chandigarh

Leisure Valley is a stunning park located in Chandigarh. Spanning over an area of approximately 8 km, it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The park is divided into several sections, each with its unique features and attractions.

Leisure Valley

This place is well-known for spring in Chandigarh. It’s a go-to place for every season, not just the spring season. Leisure Valley is Instagram ready place for your perfect aesthetic photoshoot.

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3. Rose Garden, Chandigarh

The Rose Garden in Chandigarh is a popular destination for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of roses. It is located in the heart of the city. The garden is considered as one of the largest rose gardens in Asia.

Rose Garden

During spring, you will be able to witness the rose garden blooming to its best. The best time to visit the garden is between Feb-March. This place is definitely a must-visit the place during spring.

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4. Garden of Fragrance, Chandigarh

Garden of Fragrance is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to witness the beauty of Chandigarh during spring. Blossoming flowers and trees is the much-required sniff we need for the day to keep going.

Garden of Fragrance

This garden is home to a wide variety of plant and flower species that will make you feel amazed. The place also offers you different spots to click pictures.

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5. Shanti Kunj, Chandigarh

Shanti Kunj in Chandigarh is a beautiful and serene park that offers a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Several people visit this flower, plant, and tree house every day for jogging, meditation, and exercise.

Shanti Kunj

The Shanti Kunj garden is split into five sections by a stream that naturally runs through it. Additionally, the garden also has a large number of medicinal plants that are used to treat a variety of disorders. Apart from this, its a must visit place during spring in Chandigarh.

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Chandigarh is a beautiful city and spring is the best time to explore its natural beauty. From Sukhna Lake to the Rock Garden, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do during the season. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and embark on a memorable journey to embrace the beauty of spring in Chandigarh.

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