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Sindhi Cuisine: Food That Scratched Rich Surface Of Indian History

Indian’s are famous for spicy food and sweet dishes called ”Mithai”. Cultural food is an integral part of Indian culture. Every celebration is incomplete without sweets and traditional dishes. They signify prosperity and happiness in a household. There are many cuisines that have revived Indian food culture to date. One of the most famous cuisines that are ruling the hearts of millions of people is Sindhi cuisine. There are different places to try Sindhi cuisine in India. One of them is Sindhi sweets which will help you survive the day.

History Of Sindhi Cuisine

Sindhi Cuisine originated from Sindh, Pakistan. People belonging the Sindhi origin are behind the amazing taste of this cuisine. The story behind the food started when Central Asian, Iranian, and Mughal food traditions were hitting the markets. This cuisine usually focused on Non-vegetarian food. When Islam entered India, it influenced the people to work on mouth-watering cuisine.

Sindhi Cuisine food

Sindhis have different style form to cook food. Different style of cooking depicts a lot about your culture.

Sindhi food talks about simplicity. They use minimum products so that their food should retain the good health of every people who consume their food.

Everything To Know About Sindhi Cuisine

Sindhi Cuisine includes many lip-smacking food flavors which include Mithai koki, Gheeyar, Bori(Kutti), Mongi mithai, khorak, tayri, karachi halwa, singhar ji mithai, thadal, kheerni. Chandigarhians have the chance to taste Sindhi cuisine at Sindhi sweets outlets opened across Tricity.

Sindhi sweets established in 1976 started selling Sindhi sweets which include mithai, namkeens, bakery, etc. They have opened many outlets in Tricity which created trust among the customers for the amazing food they serve.  

Here are some of the well-known Sindhi sweets that are famous:

Atey ja ladun:

Sindhi Cuisine dish

Atey ja Ladun are made with wheat flour ladoos. These are special ladoos for you all. The Sindhi ladoos are round and big. Normally these are made at the time of weddings and given to daughters. They are specially made with ghee and has many health benefits.


Sindhi Cuisine sweets

Bhori is a whole wheat flour roti that has been broken up and tempered with butter, ghee, and sugar. This traditional breakfast dish from Sindh is served with Sindhi papad. The Sindhi term bhor, which means to break, is where the name Bhori originates. The meal is sometimes referred to as Makhan Maani. Another name for chapati or fulko is maani. 

Chasni Bread:

Chasni Bread

In Sindhi homes, SindhiChashni Bread is a breakfast dessert. Simple bread that has been crisp-fried and then covered with sugar syrup is delicious. Sindhis love pistachios and use them as a garnish on their sweet bread. Chasni bread is a famous dessert in Sindhi cuisine.



A traditional Sindhi Holi recipe is gheeyar. The traditional Indian treat known as ghevar was created in the state of Rajasthan. The fried gheeyar is put into sugar syrup. Although it is frequently referred to as Sindhi Ghevar, it differs significantly from Ghevar and Jalebi.

Sindhi Khorak:

Sindhi Khorak

A distinctive Sindhi meal called khorak supports your khurak or diet. In essence, it is a delicious dry fruit fudge. This dish is cooked with a lot of love according to a traditional recipe. It is really regal, even snacks. Don’t hesitate to use ghee and dry fruits while eating.



It is a traditional food in Sindhi cuisine. It is made with aromatic traditional rice which is cooked on special occasions like marriages, pooja ceremonies, and festivals. It is distributed as a prasad on occasion like Cheti Chand. To make it more attractive jalebi color is used while preparing the dish.

Eraun Ji Mithai:

Eraun Ji Mithai

A well-known dish in Sindhi cuisine. It is made with sugar, khoya, ghee, and cardamom powder. Eraun ji barfi is famous dish among people of pakistan.



It is basically from the Persian dessert vermicelli. It is made by mixing vermicelli with lemon and rose syrup. According to the sources it was first made for Mughal emperor Jahangir. Since that time people enjoy eating this dessert.

Wanwah ji kutti:

Wanwah ji kutti

It is made with dry fruits, candy sugar, and cardamon, choori are the main ingredients used. It is said groom’s family and the bride’s family offer wanwah ji kutti to each other during wedding rituals.

Moong Ka Halwa:

Moong Ka Halwa

Green grams, ghee, milk, dry fruits, and cardamom. It is popular dish of sindhi meethai. Indian food is incomplete without halwa. Halwa is not just a dessert, its a feeling. This dish is worldwide famous among people.

Outlets available in Tri-city to Taste Sindi Cuisine:

sindhi sweets
  • Sindhi sweets sector 32, Chandigarh.
  • Sindhi sweets phase 10, Mohali.
  • Sindhi sweets 3B2 market phase 3, Mohali
  • Sindhi sweets elante mall.
  • Sindhi sweets sector 17, Chandigarh.
  • Sindhi sweets sector 8, Chandigarh.
  • Sindhi sweets sector 37, Chandigarh.
  • Sindhi sweets sector 11, Panchkula.

Health benefits of Sindhi Cuisine:

  • It is packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Good for people suffering from anemia, it has iron with protein.
  • Good for the skin and hair. Skin-related issues are solved.
  • Women with expecting babies can go for Sindhi food. It has B6 and iron.
  • Promotes good digestive health. Sindhi food is easily digestible.
  • Bone health improves. It has an ample amount of calcium and phosphorous.
  • As some dishes of Sindhi food is cooked with vegetables, they are added as a good source of energy.
  • Helps diabetic patients to control diabetes. The food has low sugar levels.
  • It has anti-oxidant properties, it is free of radicals which helps in boosting glow.
  • The food helps a lot in winter as dry fruits help in keeping the blood warm, preventing infections and cold during winters.

Wrapping Thoughts

As a result, Sindhi cuisine adds heritage to Indian culture in due course of time. They are packed with rich nutrients that are good for the mind and soul. Sindhi food is considered one of the most amazing, delicious, and tasty cuisines of all time. Food like this is gaining popularity all around the world. 

You should definitely try Sindhi cuisine at once. You’ll totally fall in love with their food.

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