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Be Ready For Tricity’s First Hot Air Ballon Ride At Maharaja Ranjit Polo Tournament 2023

Social events are a new way of connecting with the audience. These events talk a lot about the vivid culture and the latest trends. There are different social events hosted like cultural events or sports events like Polo. Polo is one of the world’s oldest team sports. Presenting Maharaja Ranjit Polo Tournament 2023 in Tricity.

Things To Know About Maharaja Ranjit Polo Tournament 2023

The Maharaja Ranjit Singh Polo Tournament 2023 will be held annually at the IRB Campus in Chandigarh by the Chandigarh Horse Show in association with the Chandigarh Police. Arena Polo competitions and an audience-friendly mega carnival are also part of the three-day event. Armed forces will be competing for the trophy. This year ChandigarhBytes has collaborated with the Chandigarh Horse Show as a Digital media partner.

Maharaja Ranjit Polo Tournament

Mr. Dharampal, IAS and Chandigarh Administration Advisor will be a lightning lamp for the event and ball throw.

Highlights Of Maharaja Ranjit Polo Tournament 2023:

  • Polo
  • Horse Show
  • Dog Show
  • Hot Air Ballon
  • Motor Parasailing
  • Gala Night
  • Fire Works
  • Live Concert
  • High-Class Dinner
  • Live Bar
  • Luxury Brands
  • Food Exhibition
  • Star Night

Date: 11th-13th February

Time:02PM-09 PM

  • Carnival -Full Day
  • Hot Air Ballon Ride – Full Day

Entry Fees: Register For Free Entry Fees

Location: IRB campus Sarangpur Chandigarh

What Is Chandigarh Horse Show?

The Chandigarh Horse Show was established with the intention of enhancing the horse industry by conducting various Athletic Events and introducing new audiences to the sector. Thanks to the efforts of a wonderful group of volunteers, CHS 2021 was successful. Then five enthusiasts showed up, each with a different background but a shared desire to change the horse industry in India. All for the sake of a horse’s love, devotion, and passion.

Maharaja Ranjit Polo

CHS aims to strategically align multiple levels of riding enterprises and clubs in hopes of establishing a location-based passion to promote the cause nationally, with the goal of ultimately expanding worldwide.

Wrapping Thoughts

Events like Maharaja Ranjit Polo Tournament 2023 should be hosted so that people become aware of Polo sports. Sports create awareness about different sports and especially horses. Polo is the world’s oldest form of team sport and is trending for centuries. The young generation is going galla about the horse riding techniques and associated events.

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