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Dil Ki Baat With Javed Akhtar At 94.3 MYFM – Stay Tuned For Insights

Presenting Javed Akhtar at 94.3 MYFM a breakthrough screenwriter and Padma Shri award winner. Through his writing, he made a powerful impact on Bollywood film culture. Films like “Sholay” and “Deewar”, most watched films from decades, portrayed the rich culture of the Indian film industry and most importantly Indian theater. Javed Akhtar is an amazing writer and lyrist.

Java Akhtar at 94.3

His writing has shaped words so beautifully that it has made some sought of connection with anything you think of. He has a good command of the Urdu language and he has written several books and lines in the Urdu language. Talking about one of his famous lines he said,

“Aksar Vo Kehte Hai Vo Bas Mere Hai”

“Aksar Kyu Kehte Hai Hairat Hoti Hai”

Below are the details and full insights about the show.

Everything To Know About Dil Ki Baat With Javed Akhtar At 94.3 MYFM

Tricity to witness Javed Akhtar and listen to his stories and experience that he gained through the years. 94.3 MYFM presents the “Dil Ki Baat” show in which Javed Akhtar will be talking about his poetries and stories that made him popular.

Javed Akhtar At 94.3 MYFM

Dil Ki Baat is an FM presentation where artists share and speak about their personal life experiences that made them stand out from other people. Basically, it is an interactive session a short meet and greet kind of thing.

Who are 94.3 MYFM?

It is a radio channel and a radio business of DB corp ltd launched in 2006. My FM is a leading local FM network involved in the high engagement of the audience.

Javed Akhtar At 94.3 MYFM

The channel focuses on providing authentic radio content happening across the city or country. Dil Ki Baat with Javed Akhtar at 94.3 MYFM one of their show.

Date: Coming soon

Location:  MVV3+HQG, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134108

Timing: 07:00 PMTickets of Show: Booking

Wrapping Thoughts

With years 94.3 MYFM has evolved as a leading FM radio and provided many opportunities to today’s youth. They come up with unique content and a golden chance for people. This year Dil Ki Baat with Javed Akhtar at 94.3 MYFM is a treat for people with a poetic background. For people who want to pursue a career by being a poet is a treat for them. Javed Akhtar is a renowned poet and had taken Indian history to next level.

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