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Plan Your Holidays Ahead By Checking Out These Long Weekends Of 2023

If you regret that you didn’t travel much or at all in 2022, 2023 is your chance to indulge your wanderlust. As you close your life chapter on 2022, remember to plan your travels in advance to save money and to treat yourself occasionally. Also, it will enable you to have a full schedule without being distracted by last-minute tasks.

long weekends of 2023

We’re so excited to bring you our complete Best in Travel 2023 list – a whole new set of long weekends and the destinations to travel. These destinations span the nation and allow you, the traveler, to experience a wide swath of breathtaking experiences, from trekking across Uttarakhand Hills to chilling in coastal areas like Goa, Kerela. Carefully selected, our list is meant to inspire and excite you, and help you make your 2022 travel dreams a reality.

20 Long Weekends Travels With Friends & Family For 2023

2023 has some good news for travellers if you’re thinking on taking a quick getaway. This year may well be the year of travel, with more than 20 potential long weekends. Have a look at the holidays you should anticipate.

Holidays are welcome at any point of the month as it lets you get some time off from the daily hustle and bustle. However, if the holiday falls at the start or end of a week it enables you to plan a weekend getaway with your near and dear ones. Here, we have a compiled a list of 20 long weekends in 2023. Read on to know more!

While there are so many places to visit in India for your weekend getaway, some of the best ones include all the experience that you simply cannot resist in January. Be it a hot cup of tea in the snowy land of Auli or savoring the tasty treats of Jaipur, you will simply end up craving for more on your holiday. Sounds enticing already, doesn’t it?

Check out the list of long weekends!


January marks the beginning of the year and it definitely deserves the best travel to freshly kick start the year. The month of January has 3 long weekends mentioned as follows:

Long Weekend No. 1

Friday, December 30 – Take a day off
Saturday, December 31 – New Year’s Eve
Sunday, January 1 – New Year
Monday, January 2 -Take a day off

Travel Suggestions:

  • Jaipur is a busy tourist place in January, courtesy the Jaipur Literature Festival. You will find the best deal on hotels and flight tickets to Jaipur if you are travelling around this time.
Jaipur on long weekends
Long Weekend No. 2

Friday, January 13 – Lohri
Saturday, January 14 – Makar Sankranti
Sunday, January 15 – Pongal
Monday, January 16 – Take a day off

Travel Suggestions:

  • Madurai is an ideal choice for celebrating Pongal during this weekend. The city, with its many temples, fields and villages displays the true essence of Pongal festivities.
Pongal in Madurai on long weekends
  • Amritsar would be best place to celebrate Makar Sakaranti and Lohri, the famous Golden Temple, Wagah Border (India-Pakistan) border and Jallianwala Bagh.
Makar Sakranti in Amritsar on long weekends
Long Weekend No. 3

Thursday, January 26 – Republic Day
Friday, January 27- Take a day off
Saturday, January 28 
Sunday, January 29 

Travel Suggestions:

  • Udaipur is a busy tourist place in January, courtesy the Jaipur Literature Festival. You will find the best deal on hotels and flight tickets to Udaipur if you are travelling around this time.
Udaipur during long weekends


Don’t forget to explore some of the famous places in this month.

Long Weekend No. 4

Friday, February 17- Take a day off
Saturday, February 18 – Maha Shivratri
Sunday, February 19 

Travel Suggestions :

  • Haridwar, Uttarakhand is one of the places visited by many devotees during Mahashivratri. This place is known for its ghats which are obviously visited by individuals who offer prayers at Har ki Pauri
Haridwar during Mahashivratri


March is the month when spring officially starts.

Long Weekend No. 5

Wednesday, March 8 – Holi
Thursday, March 9 – Take a day off
Friday, March 10 : Take a day off
Saturday, March 11
Sunday, March 12

Travel Suggestions :

  • Mathura in Holi is much glorified and all because of obvious reasons. After all, why won’t a place be famous for the festival that has its roots there?
Holi in Mathura on long weekends

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April, where you’ll be able to experience the colors of Spring and when the sun really starts to make its presence felt. Travel in April during these long gateways.

Long Weekend No. 6

Saturday, April 1
Sunday, April 2
Monday, April 3 – Take a Day off
Tuesday, April 4 – Mahavir Jayanti

Travel Suggestions:

  • Dalhousie is one of the renowned summer retreat and if you don’t include it on your list of places to visit in India in April, your list is not at all complete.
Long Weekend No. 7

Thursday, April 6 – Take a day off
Friday, April 7 – Good Friday
Saturday, April 8
Sunday, April 9

Travel Suggestions:

  • Nainital is among the top locations in India for those seeking a mountain getaway in April. Although the lake is lovely all year round, the summer really brings forth its attractiveness.
Long Weekend No. 8

Thursday, April 13 – Take a day off
Friday, April 14 – Baisakhi
Saturday, April 15
Sunday, April 16

Travel suggestions :

  • Punjab during Baisakhi can be a really nice option to enjoy the April vibes and visiting any place there can be totally worth your experience.
Baisakhi on long weekends
Long Weekend No. 9

Friday, April 21- Eid Ui Fitr, evening
Saturday, April 22 – Eid-UL-Fitr, evening
Sunday, April 23
Monday, April 24 – Take a day off

Travel Suggestions:

  • Srinagar can be a very good option to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr as it’s an Islamic holiday and is mainly celebrated at a place having majority population of Muslims. It’s a perfect blend of scenic beauty and traditions. Isn’t it?


May is the last month of the summer season before India enters monsoon season. Tourist sites are not as crowded in May so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without fighting large crowds or enduring extreme heat.

Long Weekend No. 10

Thursday, May 4 – Take a day off
Friday, May 5 – Buddha Purnima
Saturday, May 6
Sunday, May 7

Travel Suggestions:

  • Mahabodhi Temple of Bodhgaya in India is a place where Buddha Purnima is celebrated with great enthusiasm.
Buddha Purnima is celebrated at the Mahabodhi Temple of Bodhgaya in India


The most abundant time of year for produce, the summer months are a spectacular splash of taste and color! The time that brings little relief from hot and scorching summer.

Long Weekend No. 11

Thursday, June 29 – Bakri Eid 
Friday, June 30
Saturday, July 1
Sunday, July 2

Travel Suggestions:

  • Hyderabad is popularly called as the city of nizams and interestingly this city serves the best festivity vibes during Bakri Eid. Charminar is the famous attraction in Hyderabad and is a place where people gather to offer prayer. Charminar road turns into a paradise for the shopaholics during this festival.
Hyderabad during long weekends


May is the last month of the summer season before India enters monsoon season. Tourist sites are not as crowded in May so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without fighting large crowds or enduring extreme heat.

Long Weekend No. 12

Saturday, August 13
Sunday, August 14
Monday, August 15- Independence Day
Tuesday, August 16- Take a day off

Travel Suggestions :

  • Shillong, Meghalaya during monsoon looks absolutely mesmerizing. One of the top destinations to visit during the monsoon, Shillong receives the heaviest rainfall in monsoons.
Long Weekend No. 13

Saturday, August 26
Sunday, August 27
Monday, August 28: Take a day off
Tuesday, August 29 – Onam
Wednesday, August 30 – Raksha Bandhan

Travel Suggestions:

Kerela during Onam is marked by happiness, excitement and enjoyment among all sections of people. This is something really worth witnessing.

Onam celebrations in Kerela


September is a month when the hot and humid weather starts disappearing and leaves start falling off the trees and the beautiful Autumn season can be experienced.

Long Weekend No. 14

Thursday, September 7 – Janmashmti
Friday, September 8 – Take a day off
Saturday, September 9
Sunday, September 10

Travel Suggestions :

  • Vrindavan is most famous for being the venue of Krishna’s famous raas leela with Radha and the gopis. In Vrindavan, the festival of Janmashtami begins 10 days prior to Krishna’s birthday.
Janamashtmi in Vrindawan
  • Ladakh in Autumn is great to visit because the barren landscape gets ornamented with bright shades of orange and yellow leaves.
Leh ladakh during autumn season

Long Weekend No. 15

Saturday, September 16
Sunday, September 17
Monday, September 18 – Ganesh Chaturthi
Tuesday, September 19 – Take a day off

Travel Suggestions:

Mumbai during this time attracts the locals and people from all over the country. Visit here to be a part and get a glimpse of the magnificent festivities.

ganesh chaturthi in mumbai


This month means cozy apparel, your favorite chilly weather recipes, and beautiful foliage. Packed with food centric vibes and unlimited happiness.

Long Weekend No. 16

Saturday, September 30
Sunday, October 1
Monday, October 2 – Gandhi Jayanti
Tuesday, October 3 – Take a day off

Long Weekend No. 17

Saturday, October 21
Sunday, October 22
Monday, October 23 – Take a day off
Tuesday, October 24 – Dusshehra

Travel Suggestions:

Kullu, the land where Dussehra festivities are in full swing in Himachal Pradesh, is widely known for grand Dussehra celebrations.

Dussehra festivities in Kullu


The chilly nights are perfect for cuddling up, spending some cozy quality time with your loved ones. The period when the fall foliage is still in full swing and you are definitely wanting to plan all those winter getaways. We hear you!

Long Weekend No. 18

Friday, October 10 – Take a day off
Saturday, October 11
Sunday, October 12 – Diwali
Monday, October 13 – Govardhan Puja

Travel Suggestions:

India is majorly filled with joy during Diwali and joyous Indians are in the mood to celebrate with super fun. So if you are travelling in India during Diwali, this time will be the best way to experience a place and learn about its culture. As a traveller, especially if you are anywhere in North India, you will certainly feel the festive vibe!

Varanasi hosts Diwali celebrations on a grander scale. Start with a bath in the holy Ganges and have a ball, exploring the bustling bazaars where everything from traditional clothes to sweets are sold.

Deepawali in Varanasi
Long Weekend No. 19

Saturday, October 25
Sunday, October 26
Monday, October 27 – Guru Nanak Jayanti
Tuesday, October 28 – Take a day off

Travel Suggestions:

Amritsar during the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti is filled with huge crowd at the Golden Temple. The sky is illuminated with lovely fireworks on Guru Purab and makes the whole place magically lit. An experience that is divine and spiritual.


December magic is much awaited! A month of fresh hopes flying with optimism and the year is filled with a great number of experiences.

Long Weekend No. 20

Saturday, December 23
Sunday, December 24
Monday, December 25 – Christmas
Tuesday, December 26 – Take a day off

Travel Suggestions:

Kolkata is decked up to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year with lights adorning the City of Joy.

Christmas in Kolkata during long weekends

Moreover, Christmas celebrations in Chandigarh is no less than a party. Chandigarhians celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and spirit.

Explore these long weekends this year and do consider our recommendations for your best travel experience.

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