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What’s New This Month? Chandigarh Literature Festival To Commence From December 16

Literature festivals have become a new taste of today’s youth. These festivals are being organized in different cities to spread literacy around the corner. In the present era, literature has reached new heights and is tremendously spreading like a wave around. Books have witnessed big events, and different cultures and acted as a mode of communication among people to date.


“City Beautiful” to eyewitness 10th edition of the Chandigarh Literature Festival powered by Chandigarh Literary Society in coordination with Chandigarh Administration and Haryana Tourism.

What is Chandigarh Literature Festival 2022?

Every year Chandigarh Literary Society has been hosting this festival for people around the city. This year also the society has organized its 10th edition. Basically, this festival is a way of showcasing literary art in the city. It is a big opportunity for talented regional writers and thinkers and makes a way for world-class writers to the public.

Chandigarh Literature Festival

This festival has promoted different types of poetry that include Haiku a short form of poetry from Japan. Vernacular literature in layman’s language means daily speech or daily words used. Fictional or non-fictional writers are also invited. Hindi, English, and Punjabi language poets are also given importance. Chandigarh Literature Festival innovates people of all ages to discover the world of creative writing and who aspire to be a writer in near future.

CLS Literati-2022 will be featuring 35 authors of different languages from India and the world. Renowned artists like Gurcharan Das, Aman Singh Maharaj, Divya Dutta, Rasheed Kidwai, Surjit Patar, Madhav Kaushik, writer Neelesh Kulkarni, Sudeep Sen will also be featured during the event. 

Schedule of Chandigarh Literature Festival 2022

16th December 2022

  • The event will start at Indraprastha Auditorium in sector 5 Panchkula. 
  • Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar will inaugurate the event.
  • Renowned poet Surender Sharma will also be present.
  • Timings: Evening.
Literature Festival

17th December 2022 & 18th December 2022

  •  A 2-day literary extravaganza will be held in the Lake Club sector 1 Chandigarh. 
  • The panel discussion will be organized and women’s issues will be taken into notice.
  • Other important discussions include Sufism, travel, poetry, media, politics, and book releases. 
  • Timings: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Importance of Literature Festival

  1. It’s a golden opportunity to meet your idol authors and has an interactive session with them.
  2. Will be able to meet new authors and their style of writing.Their tips and tricks to write creative writing.
  3. It’s a chance to improve your style of writing and adopt new ideas and ways to make your writing more appealing.
  4. Learn in-depth about literature and about the history and how it came into existence.
  5. Chance to meet friends with the same interest and same zest for literature.
  6. Learn about new topics and things prevailing in society and the world.
  7. The literature festival hosts many competitions that add importance to your skill.
  8. An open platform for taboo discussion topics.
  9. State culture and traditional living can be known through literature.
  10. Diving into changing era through literature festival.

Wrapping Thoughts

As a result, the Chandigarh literature festival adds relevance to its culture and gives an opportunity to writers around the city. Over the years literature has changed the perspective of people and given new heights to Indian tradition and its history. Literature festivals are rolling platforms that have given importance to poet’s material such as fiction and non-fiction stories carved into pages. Time has changed and so does people. Through literature, people’s way of thinking and many aspects have changed.

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