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7 Things Needed To Apply For Canada PR

Canada is often considered a “second home for immigrants”. It is a place famous for landmarks, historical wonders, and incredible culture. The country has the highest immigration rate. Every year Canada launches new rules to give opportunities to many youths from all around the world. For the year 2023 Canadian govt has welcomed permits to millions of people for Canada PR. Here are 7 things if you are applying for Canada PR.

Everything You Need To Know About Canada PR

Canada PR is a permanent residence permit given by the Canadian government to people immigrating from other nations. PR card will be issued for the same. After becoming a permanent resident of Canada you can avail all facilities. 

There is the step by step process for applying for a Canada PR:

Educational credential assessment(ECA) is the first step. Through ECA it will be verified that you have acquired a foreign degree, diploma, and certificate. All important certificates should be equivalent to a Canadian degree.


Language Proficiency Report is the next step. A candidate needs to report for an IELTS score. The demonstration of English fluency skills is applied by the government. If you score 7 or above according to the Canadian government benchmark then you are eligible for the next process.


Canada PR

Express entry application is the further step. After completing the above process you can create an online profile in the express entry system profile. Candidates with the highest score are invited for the application. When you are done filling out the form you can proceed further.


(CRS) Comprehensive Ranking System score is the next step in the application. A candidate receives a score card after filling out the application form. CRS score serves as a cut-off to assess an application. Required CRS scores are eligible for Canada PR.


After the CRS score, the express entry pool draw is the next step. Candidates with specific ranks will get invitations to Canada PR. After completing the process you will be assisted with the next step.


An invitation to apply also called (ITA) will be issued if you are selected in the above step or process. After receiving it 60 days will be assigned to apply for Canada PR. 


Final PR application step. Authorities will focus on applications within 6 months. Once your application is approved, PR authorization will be sent to you.

Benefits Of Canada PR

5 years validity

After 5 years candidates need to validate their citizenship. Most probably it also takes 1 year for the renewal of citizenship. To clear the doubts it’s already printed on the PR card about the validity you hold.

Family VISA

If one of your family members or blood relations lives in Canada then they can claim your points. The chances of getting Canada PR becomes easier if you have the above VISA.

Free Healthcare

The medical checkup for Canada PR is free of cost. The amount is recovered from the insurance made by Canadian employers and the Canadian government. It is one of the most important benefits of immigrating to Canada.

Free Education

All members of the family are provided with free education. Their government takes responsibility for educating people up to class 12th. Free education has some terms and conditions, most probably it depends on the different locals you resided.

Crime Free Country

The authorities provide a safe and secure environment. They support people to raise voices against injustice being performed. Under specific laws, local officials protect people from any form of crime.

Start-up Business

You have the freedom to start your own business hassle-free. You will get benefits for starting a business. Many people located in Canada benefited a lot from opening their own startups there. Their government supports businesses and provides help to immigrants.

Wrapping Thoughts

Canada PR offers life balance and boosts modern living. If you are looking for high-quality education and want to settle abroad. Canada has scored second place to provide perfect life and world-class living. Being a permanent resident have many benefits.

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