Advertising Options on Chandigarh Bytes

if you want to reach your target audience in Tri-City then ChandigarhBytes is the perfect platform for you.


Are you ready to launch your product after months of planning? Feeling the stress? Don’t worry! With, promotions can’t get any better.

ChandigarhBytes, the leading website of the city in delivering content, offers a variety of proven techniques developed specifically to target the market and attract potential customers with insights.


Isn’t your ad giving you the desired results? The problem could be with the type of ad. Read on to know how ChandigarhBytes can help you! helps you convert your creative concepts into interactive ads which fall under the categories – Expanding, Page Takeover, Floating, Wrapping units, and various others. We will help you to effectively build your creative concepts into attention-grabbing ads.

To improve the ad’s efficacy, it is also important to understand the customers. ChandigarhBytes will guide you in to achieve this through Interactive Ads. These ads enable your customers to tell you what they want, thereby reducing the difficulties in clearly communicating the product idea with the customers.

Get the benefit from our reporting. Learn about the advertising impact! Track insights like time spent watching, mouse-over interactions, average number of panels interacted with and much more..


Not satisfied with display banners? Do you want to create a more attractive ad by giving the audience an enriching video experience of your product? Engage your audience with rich media video advertising on!

In addition to being the most engaging ad format, rich media video advertising also helps to grab user’s attention. It is designed specially to let, you as an advertiser, to take your brand to a new level and engage consumers online.

Discover the efficiency and ease of video ads on through our team of dedicated video advertising specialists.


ChandigarhBytes helps you to convert your concepts and creative ideas into an interactive advertisement.

Creatives can be in the form of Banners, Interstitials, Page Takeovers, Home Page Innovations and other interactive mediums.

Make sure to utilise our expertise in creative support.


Since India is a land of multiple languages, and people prefer to read in a language that are known to them, creating an ad in one language on one platform might not give the desired reach.

So We offers to help you achieve the desired reach, by increasing the visibility of the same ad in other language platforms as well.

ChandigarhBytes ensures that the ads appear on the various language platforms thereby helping to communicate your ideas effectively and reach a wider audience.

Contact us today for language support.


ChandigarhBytes helps you to reach Large, Qualified Audiences with Focused Messages.

ChandigarhBytes offers targeting solutions, delivering different content to different visitors based on their Location, Demographic, Behavioural, IP address and other criteria.

With our capability to reach the audiences through the 3 languages, it targets exactly to your desired audience.

Contact us today to know more about targeting audiences accurately!


  • Helps to filter your potential customers.
  • Reach only the audience you want.
  • Connect targeted segments with the right message.

Overall Advantages

  • Create brand awareness based on the definite objectives.
  • Expand the reach of online marketing initiatives, cost effectively.
  • Allows to optimise for a better reach each time, through direct results.
  • Filters content to generate appropriate placements.
  • Video banners help to achieve high user interaction.
  • Video banners have longer recall.
  • Get the benefit from our reporting. Learn about the advertising impact! Track insights like time spent watching, mouse-over interactions, average number of panels interacted with and much more..
  • Ads in regional languages perform as much as 30 percent better than the same ads in English. (Ozone media’s study)
  • Languages support, help brands to reach their desired audience.

#. Social Media Marketing

Description: When we say social media, it again means 100% targeted audience. We have a Facebook page dedicated to our city Chandigarh with 60,000+ fans & Instagram with more than 1500+ followers. Your content will be shared with the fans over here not just once but a hype would be created.

#. Discounts & Offers 

If you are a restaurant, salon or any such service provider in ChandigarhBytes and would like to attract city youth to your outlet by offering some discounts, then ChandigarhBytes can be the best option for that. This option includes email marketing, where your offer will be sent to all the subscribers of ChandigarhBytes apart from being listed on a special place on the website.

Promotions Insights
With more than 1 Lakh audience reach all over on an average, per month, ChandigarhBytes offers you a huge audience to work with. And when you conduct your promotion with us, you will receive detailed data and insights into your promotion’s performance and the audience that promotion has attracted. These insights allow you to redefine and optimise for a better reach, next time.

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