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Chandigarh Petrol Pumps Will Be Close On Wednesday

On July 12, 2017, all the Chandigarh Petrol Pumps will be closed and this is announced by Chandigarh Petroleum Dealers Association (CPDA). They have decided to close the petrol pumps on Wednesday and they will be closed for the whole day. This is a protest of all the petrol pumps owner against the dynamic fuel pricing system.
According to them, they are facing loss due to this system and that is the reason they are protesting by closing petrol pumps for one whole day. Earlier on July 5 also, the petrol pump dealers protested and observed the day as a no-purchase day and this time again to fulfill their desires and to convey their message to Government they are protesting by closing petrol pumps.

No Purchase, No Sale Day:

By keeping petrol pumps close, the Association will protest on Wednesday because of loss they are getting due to the dynamic pricing system. This day will be no purchase, no sale day. According to the Association General Secretary, they are not against the dynamic fuel pricing but they do not want any loss because of this system. That is the reason they are protesting and want to convey their message to Government that there should be some solution to control the loss causing to them.
According to them, overall profit margin per liter has decreased and now it is tough to maintain staff and also to fulfill other expenses.  They want some things to fulfill and that includes: there should be the protection of their commission, reimbursement of all expenses and 0.14 paisa as remuneration. All the petrol Pump Dealers in Chandigarh are going to join this protest that will start from the midnight of July 12. There will be some places where petrol will be available and these place will include BP petrol pump in Sector 21 and Sector 9. 

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