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Chandigarh: Intelligent Traffic Solution Project is Not Possible With Non Functional CCTV Cameras

The objective of Chandigarh administration ensures to maintain law and order in the city and always make promises to get away from the traffic offenses with help of CCTV cameras that are installed in the different traffic junctions to stop drivers to speeding and acting aggressively, but everything is seeming in vain because of the nonfunctional cameras.

Non-Functional CCTV Cameras At The Traffic Junction:

UT administration is deeply thinking about smart solutions for the traffic control but most of the installed cameras at the traffic junction are non-functional then how the administration would maintain the law and order in the city. This is the big challenge to the administration’s objectives. Around 100 cameras are installed at various sites in the city to capture about traffic but only 42 is working and others are non-functional. This is the matter of concern because the safety of residents is at stake. According to police, they were hoping that with these cameras it would be easy to check the movement of traffic and would easily track the traffic violators but only 42 cameras are working.

Intelligent Traffic Solutions Project:

UT is planning about the intelligent traffic solutions project and under this project around 600 CCTV will be installed to protect the city residents. But in present condition, there are 100 cameras in the city but only some of them are working. This smart solution also includes hi-tech CCTV cameras with night vision capacity and ability to capture vehicles number plate. The cameras will also be equipped with technology such as face recognition and face matching. But firstly UT have to work on the non-functional cameras that are installed in the city.

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